Wednesday, 22 June 2011

10 reasons why the Gymboss is still the best training tool I’ve ever bought

The Gymboss is an interval timer – the same one I use in my Bootcamp classes, with Personal Training clients, and in my own workouts.

Here's why I like it so much: -

1. It makes interval sessions easy.

2. It keeps rest periods strict – no slacking off; which means harder work and better results.

3. You don’t have to keep looking at the clock during interval sessions or circuits– just wait for the beep.

4. You can easily time challenge workouts to the second (i.e. how long it takes to complete a workout) with the stopwatch function.

5. For AMRAP style workouts (as many rounds and reps as possible in a certain time limit), you can just start the timer and get going. No need to check the time, just set the timer to the desired time and it’ll bleep when your time is up.

6. EMOTM (every minute on the minute) workouts. These are tough! Set the timer to a 1 minute interval, to repeat for the desired number of rounds. Then get going.

7. Perfect for fighter training. Set the interval to a 3 (or any other number) minute round, followed by a 1 minute rest period (or any rest period from 2 seconds to 99mins), then repeat for a set number of rounds, or just keep going...

8. Intervals can be set to any time from 2 seconds to 99mins 59secs

9. AMRAP and timed workouts are perfect for tracking your progress and increasing fitness, as well as a great motivator.

10. It’s small, easy to use, water and shock resistant, and you can just clip it to your shirt, trousers or arm band. Plus, you can take it anywhere to get a great workout.

You’ll struggle to find a good interval timer, and the Gymboss is by far the best I’ve found.

Follow the link to get your timer now - Gymboss Interval Timer

Worth every penny. It'll revolutionize your workouts!


Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Breakfast Experiment

Yesterday I decided to do a little experiment. I hadn't been shopping and the cupboards were pretty empty, so breakfast options were limited.

Now I don't really have a particular problem with wheat or dairy, although many people do, but instead of my usual breakfast of eggs or bacon or a super-smoothie, I decided to have Weetabix. A power breakfast, no?

So, 8am, breakfast: 4 weetabix with milk and a small sprinkling of sugar (what most people seem to think of as a healthy breakfast!)

The Result: Well, not only was I hungry again in about half an hour, but by the time I was set to have my workout at about 11.30, I had NO energy. I felt weak, lethargic and had no motivation whatsoever to drag my arse into the gym.

Is this how people feel day in, day out?!

No wonder everyone doses up on sugar-filled junk and caffeine!

If you "don't have the energy to train" or are "too tired" after your day's work, then maybe, just maybe, it's NOT that you've worked hard (let's face it, unless you're a labourer, you don't work hard - sat at a desk all day), but that you've been feeding your body crap and it's telling you it just 'aint good enough!

If you're feeding your body the fuel it needs, you'll have better energy levels throughout the day and have plenty left over for a workout at the end of the day.

All without having to dose up of coffee and sugar at regular intervals.

You may not have made the connection between the s**t you're eating and your apparent lack of energy, but trust me, this is EXACTLY what the problem is.

So tomorrow, instead of having your cereal with milk, and cup of tea or coffee, try having something different; scrambled eggs and a couple of rashers of grilled bacon, maybe with some grilled tomatoes. And at least a pint of water.

Give it a try and see if you feel any different.

Then later on, when (or if) you get hungry, have another glass of water first, then a handful of nuts with a cup of berries.

Try this for a couple of days and if you don't notice the difference...
(then you're probably still pretending you "can't go without your cup of tea in the morning")

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.